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Find the Dog that fits you!

Meet The Frenchies!

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If you have the opportunity to meet Delilah at the dog therapy program, you'll quickly see that she's incredibly affectionate and loves to shower her human friends with kisses. Despite being a bit shy at first, Delilah's affectionate and kind nature shines through once she feels comfortable. Her gentle licks and desire for attention make her a great choice for anyone in need of a loyal and comforting companion.

Get ready to meet Dexter - the Merle Harlequin with serious mental health skills and a whole lot of sass. This dog is like a natural-born therapist, providing top-notch emotional support and improving well-being like it's nobody's business.

But that's not all - Dexter's also part of our breeding program and a total head-turner with his stunning coat and charming personality. He's the kind of dog that stops traffic and turns heads wherever he goes.

But let's not forget about his heart of pure gold and endless patience. Dexter is the perfect companion for anyone who needs extra TLC, and he's always ready to lend an ear and a paw. Trust us, once you meet Dexter, you'll never want to let him go!

Meet Shadow, the wild child of the dog world! This energetic and crazy pup was never meant to be, but boy are we glad she is! With a ball as her obsession, she'll do whatever it takes to get her paws on it. But don't be fooled by her playful nature - Shadow takes her role as pack leader seriously. She's focused, determined, and always gets the job done. So, if you're ready for a wild ride, Shadow is the perfect pup for you!


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Meet Moose the Fluffy French bulldog - he was given his name as a joke, but he embraced it with open paws! Despite having a heart murmur in his youth, Moose's love for life couldn't be stopped. Thankfully, his health has been fully cleared and he's as energetic as ever! Moose is not only a lovable pet, but he's also remarkable at working with people with disabilities. He's a true furry hero! Nowadays, he's a sucker for some cheeky bum scratches - it's his wiggly spot, and he won't let you stop!


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